R + D Technical Data sheet

R + D Technical Data sheet - GRUPO GEOMA (Ref. XM2-UVI)


1. Modelling of Present-Day sedimentary environments

2. Enviromental quality assesment of eedimentary environments


3. Bathimetry

4. Thematic maping gis/xis.

5. Environmental susceptibility mapping.

Seismic characterization of the sea bed (<200 m)

6. Multibeam

7. Side scan sonar

8. Sub-bottom profiler

9. Dredge: Shipeck, Van Veen, box-corer

10. Piston and gravity corers

Characterization of physical properties of marine sediments

11. Grain size analyisis (sieving, nephelometry and laser)

12. SEM/BS determination of general texture, sphericity roundnessand quartz surficial texture  

13. Colour (Spectrophotometry)

14. Density

15. Magnetic properties: susceptibility and remanence

16. Gamma density

17. Vp

18. Resistivity

Geochemical characterization of marine sediments

19. Total inorganic carbon

20. Total organic carbon

21. Elemental analysis of marine samples

22. Heavy metal assesment

23.  Mineral characterization by x-ray difraction


24.Thin section characterization of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks by optical and electron microscopy (SEM).

25. Mineralogy diagnosis by x ray difraction

Coastal engeneering and hydrodynamics

26. Currents and waves measurements

27. Measurement of beach profile and planform

28. Wave modeling

29. Beach equilibrium and sediment balance modelling

Sediment and arqueological objects dating

30. Palaeomagnetic, archaeomagnetic and magnetostratigraphic dating

31. Interpretation and calibration of radiocarbon data

32. Pb

33. Cs

Environmental impact reports

34. Evaluation, effects and incidences

35. Remediation measurements.

36. Assessements of environmental risks