The laboratory of Paleomagnetism of the University of Vigo is a leading facility at the national level in relation to the study of the effects of the magnetic field in the past and its implications at a geological, archaeological and environmental level.

In 2014, the laboratory was moved to the new facilities that Geoma has in Citexi, Citexvi, which allows potential users to have a more modern and ergonomic work environment.

Equipment and laboratory instruments:

  • AGICO KLY-3S susceptibility bridge with CS3 oven and CL3 cryostat (Bartington MS2 susceptibility bridge with MS2B sensor (two frequencies)

  • Spinner magnetometer AGICO JR5A

  • Spin magnetometer MOLSPIN Minispin
  • Magnetometer of saturated core Bartington Mag-01H with uniaxial probe Mag B

  • Pulse magnetizer MMPM9

  • Demagnetizer of A.F. AGICO LAD-3 + ARM AGICO Unit AMU

  • Thermal Demagnetizer MMTD80

  • Gradiometer

  • Shielded space of 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 m MMLFC