SBL Klein 3900

It is a very high resolution digital side scan sonar. The model has a double frequency capacity, one at 445 kHz that offers excellent ranges and resolutions and another at 900 kHz that offers a higher resolution of the identified objectives

Geoswath Plus Compact

It is a very versatile multibeam, ideal for working on small boats and simultaneously offering a bathymetric sweep and a side scan mapping of the seabed.

It can work at 3 different frequencies (125, 250, 500 kHz) and offers coverage that can reach up to 12 times the depth. It generates high fidelity background images allowing the subsequent elaboration of cartographies and bathymetries with centimetric resolution.

Innomar Sub-Bottom profiler

Sub-bottom profiler. It works at depths of less than 400 m and with a penetration in the sediment of up to 40 m and with a vertical resolution of 5 cm.

It allows the realization of high resolution background profiles and penetration in the seabed.

Valeport SWIFT sound velocity profiler

Designed for an uninterrupted work, SWiFT SVP has an integral GPS to geolocate each profile and transmit data via bluetooth.

McLane sediment traps

The GEOMA Group owns 2 sediment traps of the brand MCLane, Mark78H and Mark8, which have 21 bottles and 13 bottles respectively. Both include inclination and heading sensors and are suitable for deep campaigns

Current meter Aanderaa Seaguard

3 Last generation current meters that include turbidity sensors, 2 pressure sensors (2000m / 30 m), dissolved O2 and conductivity.

Current meter Aandera RCM9 MkII

Easy use current meter with Presure, Turbidity, Conductivity and O2 sensors

ADCP 600 KHZ RDInstruments

It is one of the most widely used ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) worldwide. It has included the option surface track + waves and as well as an external battery.


A complete and versatile CTD that also includes additional Turbidity, PH and OD sensors.

SBE (CTD profiler) Seabird instruments

A CTD of small size that allows to obtain vertical measurements of the parameters of the water column.

Aqqualogger 210 e 520 Aquatec

Sensors of small size and easy to use useful for the study of water quality. Aqualogger 210 includes temperature sensors, pressure and turbidity, while the 520 Tª + pressure, PT.

Portable multiparameter instrument (YSI)

Portable equipment for the measurement of multiple parameters such Ph, Conductivity, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen and Redox.


Gravity corer Uwitec

Equipment that allows quick and economical taking of sediment samples in shallow waters.

Van Veen dredger

Dredger of small size and easy to use that has a collection area of ​​500 cm2.

Box Corers

The Geoma Group has 3 box corers of different sizes, useful for efficient sediment collection in shallow and deep waters.

Niskin bottles

GEOMA has 3 Niskin bottles that allow synchronized sampling of water samples at different depths, with a collection capacity of up to 5 liters of water per bottle.


2  Tandem acoustic releases 8242XS Edgetech

These are two acoustic releases in tandem configuration, suitable for deep moorings (up to 6000 meters) and which have a release load of 5,500kg.

1 Acoustic release Cart

Acoustic release whcih can work up to depth range of 1000 meters and with a release load of 500 kg.

1 Acousti release ORE SWR

Acoustic release of small size, for the realization of small anchorages in shallow waters.

Beacon Iridium kilo Xeox + Flotation collar

Beacon of location of surface by satellite Iridium, with capacity of up to 1000 meters. Includes specific flotation collar.

20  Nautilus 17″ Buoys

These are depth buoys that combine a large buoyancy (26.5 kg per hole) with a high pressure resistance and can operate at depths of more than 6000 meters.


5 Titanium IP Castro Buoys

Signaling buoy

It is a buoy with a yellow special mark, radar reflector, cross of San Andrés and yellow light of isolated flashes


Mezclador Retsch MM200 mixer mill

This mill is designed for the rapid and effective grinding and homogenization of small sample volumes thanks to the effects of impact and friction, being suitable for grinding dry and wet, as well as for cryogenic grinding and cell breakdown.

SediGraph III Plus Particle Size Analyzer

This model of sedigraph allows to determine particle size using a precise and reproducible sedimentation technique, which measures the sedimentation rate induced by gravity of different sizes of particles in a liquid with known properties.

OCTAGON 200 sifter

It is a suitable sieve for all laboratory screening tasks, providing optimum sieving with fast and reproducible results.

Rotator HD

Digital rotary agitator easily adaptable to different applications. It has several interchangeable supports to attach and shake: jars, bottles, separating funnels, test tubes, Eppendorf tubes, etc.

FreeZone dryer 2.5

It is a compact and easy to use lyophilizer, with a working capacity of up to 2.5 liters.

Centrífuge Sigma 3-18KS

Refrigerated centrifuge of high speed laboratory that can work at 18000 rpm with angular head and 5500 in oscillating.

Digiheat tipo Poupinel drying oven

It is a drying oven by natural convention, which has a digital regulation by microprocessor and with a capacity of up to 52 kg.

Leica EC digital camera

It is a high-speed digital color camera that allows fast real-time image acquisition of up to 20 frames per second.

Tide simulator

It is a scientific equipment developed by the Geoma group that allows easy replication of tidal cycles, facilitating the standardization of the analysis of unique samples of sand.


Magnetometer G-856AX Geometrics

A portable, reliable and easy to use magnetometer that provides a solution to a wide variety of field magnetic searches.

Total stationNikon DTM-302

It treats of a total station of easy handling, of high precision, with a resistant and impermeable design, that provides a uniform performance in any type of climatic conditions.

Portable and table hydraulic drill


FRX scaner, radiography and spectrometry Itrax Core Scanner

This state-of-the-art instrument combines the acquisition of digital images and radiographs of fine sediment samples, while detecting measurable quantities of any of the 80 elements comprised between Al (Z = 11) and U (Z = 92). , without destroying the surface of the sample.

With a fast analysis capacity, the instrument is powerful enough to take on large tasks in a multi-user environment.

2G superconducting rock magnetometer 755 SRM